Fractional Response Analysis (FRA) R -package: deconvolution of multivariate cellular responses into fractions of cells with distinct responses (paper).

Statistical Learning Estimation of Mutual Information (SLEMI) R-package: information-theoretic analysis of multivariate single-cell responses, which includes an estimation of information measures and discrimination probabilities (paper).

Matlab code used for computations in our paper: An information-theoretic framework for deciphering pleiotropic and noisy biochemical signaling, Nat. Commun. 2018.

Model parameter clustering: clustering of model parameters based on similarity of their impact on model variable (paper).

StochDecomp Matlab package: variance decomposition of stochastic chemical kinetics models into contributions resulting from individual reactions (paper).

StochSens Matlab package: sensitivity analysis and Fisher information computation for stochastic models of chemical kinetics (paper).