Luty 7, 2013


Sensitivity Analysis
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To appear in Quantitative Biology: Theory, Computational Methods and Examples of Models, MIT press.

Experimental Design
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To appear in Quantitative Biology: Theory, Computational Methods and Examples of Models, MIT press.

Nuclear translocation of STAT3 and NF-κB are independent of each other but NF-κB supports expression and activation of STAT3.
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Nitrogen and carbon status are integrated at the transcriptional level by the nitrogen regulator NtrC in vivo.
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StochDecomp – Matlab package for noise decomposition in stochastic biochemical systems.
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Quantifying intrinsic and extrinsic noise in gene transcription using the linear noise approximation: an application to single cell data
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A hierarchical model of transcriptional dynamics allows robust estimation of transcription rates in populations of single cells with variable gene copy number.
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Maximising the information content of experiments in systems biology
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StochSens– matlab package for sensitivity analysis of stochastic chemical systems.
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