Karol Nienaltowski

Lipiec 7, 2014

Karol Nienałtowski

Karol Nienałtowski

My PhD project is focused on developing quantitive and modeling methods used to decipher the properties of complex intracellular processes. Particularly, I am interested in providing efficient and appropriate measures of information flow in signaling pathways. I am an author of new methods for analyzing of sensitivity and identifiability of parameters in biochemical models. Moreover, I have implemented software for quantification and analysis of experimental data.

Scientific CV



Master’s Programm in Computer Science, University of Warsaw, 2014

Dobule Degree Programm in Computer Science and Mathematics, University of Warsaw, 2013

  • BSc Thesis Computer Science: Pengurus – translation agency management system (together with Gogolewski K., Oćwieja J., Sabaciński M.)
  • BSc Thesis Mathematics:  Analysis of heart surgery data using classical and bootstrap statistical tests for comparing two distributions (together with Łukasik M.)



  • Nienałtowski K., Komorowski M. Efficient experimental design for systems biology dynamical models. 25th Annual Mathematical and Statistical  Aspects of Molecular Biology Workshop, Helsinki, Finland, April 16-17.04.2015. (oral presentation)
  • Nienałtowski K., Komorowski M. Efficient experimental design for systems biology dynamical models. 19th Annual International Conference on Research in Computational Molecular Biology , Warsaw, Poland, April 12-15.04.2015. (poster)
  • Nienałtowski K., Komorowski M., Gambin A. ClustSense: sensitivity based parameters clustering. 1st Congress of the Polish Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Biophysics and Bioinformatics “BIO 2014”