Tomasz Jetka

Lipiec 4, 2014
PhD Student

Tomasz Jetka

Tomasz Jetka

My interest are highly connected with applied and industrial mathematics. In particular, I regularly take part in European Study Groups, which allowed me to gain experience in mathematical modelling (e.g. we proposed a reorganization of emergency blood system in Ireland).

Although I am currently devoted to mathematics, as a undergraduate student I was focused on economics as well. This lead to a long collaboration with Mises Institute (e.g. in publishing Hazlitt’s book).





  1. Master’s Programm in Applied Mathematics, University of Warsaw, 2013
    MSc Thesis: „Ammonium Assimilation in E.Coli: how do cells process information”
  2. Dobule Degree Programm in Economics and Mathematics, University of Warsaw, 2011
    BSc Thesis: „Cartan subgropus of compact Lie groups”


  1. Jetka, T., Charzyńska, A., Gambin, A., Stumpf, M. P., & Komorowski, M. (2014). StochDecomp— Matlab package for noise decomposition in stochastic biochemical systems. Bioinformatics, 30(1), 137-138.
  2. Bisseling R., Gao F., Hafkenscheid P., Idema R., Jetka T., Ones V.G., Ratha D., Sikora M.(2014). Calculating Traffic based on Road Sensor Data. Proceedings of the Study Group Mathematics With Industry held at the TU Delft.